About 9 Gems (Pvt) Ltd

Our company

Pakistan's 1st registered Gemstones company.

9 Gems (Pvt) Ltd is incorporated from Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) under the companies ordinance 1984 (XI, VII of 1984), having Corporate Universal Identification No. 0106129.

We are providing 100% Genuine, Tested, Unique Gemstones with life time guarantee. All Gemstones are tested in International Laboratory as per standards and our stones cutting and polishing facility are giving awesome touch to all stones, we are also providing certifications. Our rings, bracelets, necklaces are crafted as per customs and with unique designs.

  • Top quality Stones
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee

Our team


1. Syed Khurram Abbass Naqvi, Director 

He is a Professional Numerologist and Gemstones healing expert and consultant for the last twenty year approximately engaged with this field. As per his statement, it is universal truth that “Nature cannot be changed” but he trust and proved that nature can be controlled with the help of Nature and these nature created Gemstones have an ability to control the nature. These God gifted gemstones helps to reduce our weakness and highlight our positive hidden powers.

“So chose your gemstone and change your life”

He has written many columns on Gemstones that how it can work on our body and he has done many T.V shows on Gemstones all T.V shows available on youtube and facebook. He is the only one person to prove that these Gemstones are matching our body with the name not with the stars because these Gemstones are a nature medicines and it can work on our body as natural healing therapy.

2. Hassan Ali, Director 

3. Muzammil Abbas, Assistant